UKC Obedience

Kobe sit

Obedience events demonstrate the dog's training as they perform a series of exercises with their handler. There are several levels of competition, ranging from novice commands such as "stay," "come" and "heel" to scent discrimination and directed retrieves over jumps. There are different classes according to the handler's experience level. All dogs start their competition with a score of 200, and points are deducted according to the dog and handler's performance. Obedience events offer an opportunity for the handler and dog to form a special bond not found in other events.

Differences between UKC and AKC obedience

Instead of a group 3 minute down stay, the UKC has an honoring exercise. The honor dog enters the ring before the working dog and is placed in a down just before the working dog begins its exercise of heeling on leash and the figure eight. The judge has you down your dog, and then leave your dog to stand at the opposite side of the ring. When the figure eight exercise is finished for the working dog, the judge will have you return to your dog. The ring steward assists the judge in keeping an eye on your dog so don’t think your dog can get away with anything while the judge’s back is turned. In the UKC group sit stay, the leash is left on and put neatly at the dog's side
The recall is done over a high jump with two ring stewards standing approximately two feet away from the high jump standards.

Again, instead of a 5 minute group down stay while the handler is out of sight, we have the honor exercise. It is just like the novice honor exercise except the handler is now out of sight of his dog. After the dog is sitting in the place for the honor exercise, the handler removes the armband and leash and places them behind the dog. And the process works the same as in novice. After the figure eight exercise, the judge will indicate to the steward for the handler to return to the dog. The exercise is complete when the judge says “exercise finished”.
When you are heeling your dog off leash there will be a ring steward who will be walking on the inside part of the ring going the opposite direction of you and your dog.
The drop on recall utilizes the steward as in the heeling off leash exercise. Once you drop your dog the judge will have the steward walk past the dog and then have the call your dog in.

On the scent discrimination there is only a metal set of articles. The handler and dog have their back to the articles while they are being laid out.
On the directed marked retrieve the whole ring is used. The handler and dog watch the ring steward place the three gloves.
On the directed signal retrieve the whole ring is used and the handler sends the dog out and stops him in the middle of the ring facing the handler and then directs the dog to the proper glove.
The consecutive recall tests the dog’s anticipation. First the dog is called with a drop midway. The next recall is a straight recall. Both parts are done together with no break in between.